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January 8, 2010
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December 30, 2009
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December 14, 2009
Museum Hopes to Fill Niche
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December 11, 2009
Kid Friendly Museum Ready to Open


About Us

We live in Columbia and we love it!

Raising our kids here is no problem.

Well…almost no problem.

It can be a slight problem in the dead of winter.

It can also be a problem on a rainy day.

Come to think of it, it can be a problem on a hot, humid one as well. Two days in a row confined to the house and we all go a little stir crazy.

Heck, even when the weather is great, we thought it would be nice to know a place is nearby to take the kids to play, a place where they could learn through play - traditional play with lots and lots of things to do!

Basically, we wanted a place to go with our children with space that offers unstructured classic play, fun classes and even a wish list item, outdoor space to run around having fun with others. And yes, we also wanted a place where we can see some friendly adult faces too!

The real biggie - we wanted it to be local so we don't have to pack up the kids and drive for a couple of hours just to get to where we were going.

So we opened the Missouri Children's Museum. Here. In mid-Missouri!

The MOCM is located just off exit 133 of I-70 - sitting on a two-acre spread, in an old farmhouse, that we've transformed into a space where children can use their imagination to learn through play.

With both indoor and outdoor exhibits, we've created a unique play space in Columbia for children age 1 to 12. It was inspired from our visits to and experience at more than two dozen children's museums, all over the United States.  From art to music, pretend play to physics, we provide a variety of learning opportunities without specifically teaching anything; after all, learning isn't just academic!

Our mission is to get families to "play-pretend" together, make stuff up, play at "working" and see and interact with each other in different settings.

We place the highest priority on PLAY - with the child's curiosity leading the interaction with other children or adults; their imagination taking them on a learning journey that's filled with fun and laughter along the way.  Our motto has quickly become, the Missouri Children's Museum is a place where kids play to learn, and adults learn to play again!

At the end of the day, it's the richness of those interactions - between children and adults at play - the modeling, the dialogue, the cooperation and hands-on exploration that empower a child to grow-up to be a problem-solver and critical-thinker.

To put it simply, we're not focused on teaching any specific skills, nor do we have any particular curriculum that we are trying to impart - we work hard to provide the environment to learn through play - with the fun starting from the moment you arrive!

Hope to see you at the Missouri Children's Museum soon!

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